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Black Magic Marker

2024 - Directed by Jasten King


2023 - Directed by Jasten King


2022 - Directed by Jasten King

"Sistere" was written by Amy Crosby, Brandon Strecker and Devin Tait. It is the first single of the forthcoming album "Damn Skippy Baby," made up of previously unreleased recordings over the past 15 years. The video depicts former band members/associates gathering to remember Amy, "rewinding" the tape back to earlier days. 

The Curse

2006 - Directed by Von Edwards

The band filmed this video to promote the release of its sophomore album Free Alongside Ship. Founding member Von Edwards served as director/cinematographer with additional design and direction from the band members. Devin edited the footage. It was shot at the home of one of the band's friends, Christopher McElroy, who sadly passed away in February, 2020. Christopher and Amy had an enduring friendship over many years and Amy was crushed when he was gone.

Mustache Rides Five Cents

2007 - Directed by Von Edwards

While Von also directed this clip, this time his partner Jessica Lawless also played a huge role in planning and producing it, as she also served as editor and cinematographer. It was filmed in Von and Jessica's backyard with a colorful cast of the bands friends as carnival barkers and revelers of one of the sluttiest, messiest midways ever committed to video.

Slut Buffet (live at LA Pride)

2007 - Filmed by Brian Ragsdale and Peggy Hannon

Shitting Glitter was practically born at LA Pride - the huge annual festival for the LGBTQ community - and appeared riding in a convertible Hummer in the 2002 LA Pride Parade before they had even released an album. They were incredibly honored to be selected to perform on the mainstage of the festival for the first time in 2004, and then again in 2006 and 2007. This is from that last year. By 2008, they had moved on to the Erotic City tent at LA Pride and their set was cut short by Olivia Newton John's mainstage appearance.

19th & Lexington

2009 - Directed by Devin Tait

In 2008, the band imploded as Brandon and Amy's relationship came to an abrupt end. Devin and Amy were determined to move on and finish their third album, and by the time of this video, the lineup already included Red Fox on bass and AJ Anderson on guitar (and electronic drums in the video). Devin rented a theatre in The Complex on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood and used the entire time to build and decorate the set, and then film the video. The ending credits include some candid footage of Amy goofing off in the theatre seats.

"Mustache Rides" Live

2007 - Directed by Jonathan Mussman

When MTV launched it's LGBTQ network, LOGO, we were all thrilled because we thought finally here was this outlet where we might have a chance of being seen by a wider audience. Marc and Devin finagled their way into the premiere party for the new network (thanks to a chance meeting with Andy Bell and Vince Clark, a.k.a Erasure, at the infamous FUBAR). At the party, Devin managed to work his my through the crowd, right up to Mr. Brian Graden (who was the President of the network at that time) to tell him about Shitting Glitter. Soon, the band were notified that the producers of RuPaul's Drag Race were looking for a band to perform one of Ru's songs that the queens would then perform to. The were given the song and told to learn it, but then nothing more came of it. Shortly after that, a producer called saying LOGO was doing a pilot for a live music show and they wanted Shitting Glitter to come perform and do an interview. This video is the result. Unfortunately it never did make it to air, and although Devin was lucky enough to obtain a DVD of the show it was misplaced and has finally resurfaced 14 years later.

Post No Bills

2003 - Directed by Devin Tait & Dylan Tucker

Although "Post No Bills" had been planned as the band's first album immediately following the release of the first EP "Hot Rod" it took a couple of years and many lineup changes before the quartet that finally recorded it solidified. Long story short, Von and Amy broke up and Brandon and Amy were now together. Devin was very focused on pushing the visual side of the band as Brandon and Amy worked together writing and recording music. The band had begun gigging regularly with drummer Eddie Tyclus, giving enough stability to the previously extremely volatile band to focus on the album. Initially delighted with the finished product, the band quickly soured on the album's quality and sound as it was out of step with the direction the band was headed in. This, the title track, started as a folky campfire jam, with Amy and Von harmonizing over Von's acoustic guitar. Rounded out in a live band form with drums and a sort of accordion sounding part, Amy's provocative lyrics got lost in the hokey-ness of it all. When it came time to record, the band was without a drummer and spending most of their weekends in electroclash clubs, so Brandon recorded Devin's electro take on this as soon as they figured out how to program the drum machine that Amy had bought years prior. The band ran around downtown Los Angeles (which in 2003 was a much different place) and shot this video guerilla style.


2002 - Directed by Denny Ready

The very first Shitting Glitter video ever, this collage-style clip was assembled by Denny Ready using footage of the band at their first two shows. (The location, Jox, was a sleazy gay dive bar on Burbank Blvd. in North Hollywood that was most recently transformed into the Good Night Bar). Denny's orbit brought him closer to the band until he himself became a member, playing bass for many months of 2002, thus his inclusion in some of the candid shots. Note Amy's homemade "Mechanically Separated Chicken" t-shirt. She loved making t-shirts for the band with our song titles.

Shitting Glitter - LA Pride Parade

2002 - Directed by Earl Dax

Very early in the band's existence - at this point it was more of a party than a band - Amy insisted on appearing atop a convertible hummer in the LA Pride Parade. Many people set about making this dream a reality, and Shitting Glitter left their mark (and a lot of glitter) all along the parade route. And of course, it almost didn't happen, because Amy tripped on a curb while waiting for the parade to kick off and nearly passed out from dehydration, having to be attended to by paramedics. Luckily they cleared her to get back on the Hummer just as the parade was beginning to move!