Damn Skippy Baby



Damn Skippy Baby was released September 1, 2023 and is the last original album to feature lead vocalist and founding member, Amy Crosby. After she passed in February 2021, Amy left behind a legacy of art, music, and activism. The ten tracks included on this album were originally recorded as demos from as long ago as 2006 and as recent as 2018, but were not previously completed until now. "Microscope" was the last song Amy recorded and it kicks off this album on a loud, aggressive tone that she would wholeheartedly approve of. Retro pop flavors tracks like "Ex-Communicate" and "Spirit Butter" while the noir ballad "Black Magic Marker" and electronic urgency of "There Is No End" evoke a darker side.

Extremely limited edition CD available at https://shittingglitter.bandcamp.com/album/damn-skippy-baby

Open for Business


Open for Business was recorded in Malibu at Seamonster Sounds from January, 2007 to July of 2009. After Hoagie Hill had mixed the previous album Free Alongside Ship, the band decided to create the album with Hill at his studio in order to achieve a more polished sound. An early recording session included a group of the band's friends, many of them non-musicians, jamming on various instruments to create soundscapes that were used throughout the album. During the recording of the album, Amy and Brandon's relationship dissolved; Brandon was kicked out of the band. Devin, Amy and Hoagie completed the album although by the time the album was released, AJ Anderson and Red Fox had both joined the lineup though they are not present on the recording.

Free Alongside Ship


After the band independently recorded their full length debut Post No Bills, they were able to upgrade some of their equipment. Having done away with their drummer, Devin and Brandon programmed the rhythm sections on a Korg Electribe sequencer/sampler. After all tracks were recorded for the album, they hired Hoagie Hill of Seamonster Sounds to mix the tracks, after he had previously mastered the Ladyslipper EP. To support the album the band embarked on the Carriage of Goods tour, which included dates up and down the west coast of the US, and select dates in New York, New Mexico, Missouri, Kansas, Nevada and as far as Reykjavik, Iceland.

Post No Bills


Currently unavailable, Post No Bills was primarily produced by Brandon Glen Strecker, Devin's brother. While Shitting Glitter had been planning its debut album for some time, lineup changes delayed the recording process. Founding member Von Edwards departed after Brandon had come to LA to produce the album. Soon, Brandon joined the band and played guitar on all tracks, and recorded all the other band members' contributions. Eddie Tyclus played drums on most of the tracks. The title track hinted in the direction the band would go, being based on a drum machine and synths. In 2018, Devin and Amy began re-evaluating and re-recording certain parts with the idea that they would re-release the album and make it available on digital platforms. The former band members are now committed to realizing this project in memory of Amy.

Singles and EPs



"Sistere" is the first single to be released from the forthcoming album "Damn Skippy Baby." Amy Crosby, lead vocalist and lyricist, passed away on Feb. 8, 2021. In tribute to her, remaining and former band members have collaborated on previously unreleased recordings to create this new Shitting Glitter album. 

Ladies Things


By the time Open For Business was released, the band's lineup included AJ Anderson on guitar and Red Fox on bass. Shortly after, Laura Jennings joined on drums, and Devin departed after nearly a decade with the band. Now an all-female outfit, the ladies decided to record an EP that captured their raw live sound and represented the new songs that Amy and AJ had written.

Sidesaddle Sweet Talk


Capitalizing on the success of the Solar City remix of "Slut Buffet," the band initially envisioned a CD maxi single with additional remixes. Eventually they decided to make it more of an EP with other tracks they had been wanting to release including a third recording of "Mustache Rides Five Cents" produced by Hoagie Hill, and two new b-sides, "Delay" and "Trance Ego." Additional remixes by DJ Bill Dup rounded out the release. Videos were filmed for those three tracks, but the band could never agree on an approach for the "Slut Buffet" video.

No Safe Words


Shitting Glitter wrote and recorded this as an exclusive release for their performance at Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, 2005. The b-side was a cover of Altered Images Happy Birthday.



The last single release to precede Free Alongside Ship, Ladyslipper appears here in an earlier mix (the album version was mixed by Hoagie Hill; the single mix was done by Brandon Strecker). Four exclusive b-sides were included: Nutragen, Zero Cool, Time (a Culture Club cover), and Luscious Mag.

The Incomparable White Six


Following the release of the dance EP Sexy Clown Circus, the band were eager to continue exploring a more electronic-based sound. They had composed "The Incomparable White Six" and began playing it live, including at the 2004 LA Pride Festival, where the cover photo was taken as the band waited backstage for their time slot. The band later re-recorded and shortened the title to just "Incomparable White Six" for inclusion on Free Alongside Ship. Four exclusive b-sides were included in the single release, Calendar Girl, a re-recording of Short Haired Girls Club, Makes Sense (Electric Spy Mix), and The Incomparable White Six [Acoustic Version].

R So


The only Shitting Glitter vinyl release to date, the 7" single of R So was pressed on grey/violet swirled vinyl and released on Trocar Records. Trocar was the label founded by Thor Stephens of the band The Art Ghetto, who the band frequently gigged with. "Mechanically Separated Chicken" had remained unreleased thus far despite being a staple of the band's shows since 2002. The band felt it would pair well here with new track, "R So." The versions of "Guerilla" and "Slut Buffet" were culled from the Sexy Clown Circus EP. "R So" was re-mixed for inclusion on Free Alongside Ship.

Sexy Clown Circus


Electroclash was making waves in the Los Angeles club scene, and Devin in particular was very taken by the sound and style of the movement. He wanted to re-imagine some of Shitting Glitter's songs in a more electro style, and the band was in the process of sacking their drummer at the time anyway. So they recorded new tracks "Slut Buffet," "Guerilla," and "The Curse" and then made new recordings of "Goddess Room," "Mustache Rides," as well as their cover of Missing Persons "Words." Later editions included re-recorded versions of "Mechanically Separated Chicken" and "R So" which had been recorded for the latter's 7" single.

Hot Rod


Hot Rod was the debut release from Shitting Glitter, recorded very early on in the band's career. Along with founding member Amy Crosby, Devin Tait, and Von "Mag" Edwards, Billy Avaranthar recorded guitar for the EP and his friend Roman Ratej (who subsequently played for t.A.T.u.) played drums. The three-song EP was produced by Mary White at QP Sound in North Hollywood. Initial versions of the EP included Zaac Damon in the band photo, as he had replaced Billy on guitar. Later, a "Deluxe Edition" was released which included the DJ Jonathan Morning remix of "Strapping" and new artwork in which bassist Denny Ready replaced Damon in the band photo. These three songs were included without any changes on the bands debut album Post No Bills two years later.