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Shitting Glitter is an American queercore/avant-pop band inspired by new wave and electronic rock. The band was formed in 2001 by Amy Crosby (vocals), Devin Tait (synths and vocals) and Von "Mag" Edwards (guitar and vocals). Originally, they aimed to parlay their outsider art rock into commercial success as an openly-LGBTQ band. The lineup fluctuated until the band released its debut album Post No Bills in 2003, at which time the lineup included Crosby, Tait, and guitarist/producer Brandon Strecker (credited as Brandon Glen). This lineup of the band released two more albums and several singles and EPs. Perhaps their biggest success was the track "Slut Buffet," which was remixed by Solar City and became an underground "hit" in gay nightclubs. In 2010, Tait left the band with Crosby the sole remaining original member. Crosby passed away in February, 2021 but her memory lives on through her art, music, and all those she left a mark on during her time on earth.

"Black Magic Marker" Out Now

After recording "The Man" for the documentary Six Degrees of Helter Skelter, Shitting Glitter decided to write a song with a noir vibe, and "Black Magic Marker" was the result. Left unfinished for years, after Amy's passing, it was revived and completed.


Available worldwide now!

Extremely limited edition CD available only from Bandcamp

  1. Microscope
  2. February 29
  3. The First One
  4. Ex-Communicate
  5. Black Magic Marker
  6. Spirit Butter
  7. Stacked
  8. This Song Is Free
  9. Sistere
  10. There Is No End

"Microscope" Out Now

2018 was a rough time for a lot of folks and Amy wrote this song as her own expression of what she felt was going on in her life at the time. After her passing in 2021, it was completed with contributions from former band members AJ Anderson and Von Edwards.

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New track "The First One" + Visualizer

Marking 2 years since the passing of Amy Crosby, Shitting Glitter releases this next teaser track and its accompanying visualizer from the forthcoming posthumous album Damn Skippy Baby. Skinamarink-a-doo!

"Sistere" Out Now

"Sistere" is the first single to be released from the forthcoming album "Damn Skippy Baby." Exclusive to Bandcamp, the single package includes the "Poolside Mix" plus a live recording of "Full Release."

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"R So" 7" purple/grey vinyl single available now

In 2004, the band recorded "R So" and "Mechanically Separated Chicken" to release on a double a-side vinyl single - the only vinyl release from the band to date! All recordings are early versions that are currently unavailable anywhere else.

A limited supply of these have been unearthed and are now available exclusively through Bandcamp while supplies last.

  1. R So (7" version)
  2. Mechanically Separated Chicken (7" version)
  3. Guerilla
  4. Slut Buffet

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Former members of the band are working on a retrospective release titled "The Collection" that will provide a comprehensive picture of the band's colorful history through all of its incarnations. It will be released on limited edition vinyl and will be available on all digital outlets. Band members are also currently sorting through years of demos and unfinished recordings to share with the world as they are completed.